Case Studies

Destra produces quality injection mouldings and components for other manufacturers to utilise in the manufacture of their own products. This means that Destra products are used in an extensive range of applications from domestic and recreational, household, electrical and electronic through to military.

Although most of our customers know exactly what they require and can provide working drawings of their components, there are circumstances where some assistance may be required. In these cases Destra is both willing and able to offer assistance. If prototypes are required they can be provided in the form of models or injection mouldings from Manumold tools (low cost tooling for small components).

Case 1.
Problem: To secure a swatch of cards together, of variable thicknesses, as part of a children’s toy. Device must be easy to fit and must withstand rough handling without releasing the cards.

Solution: Destra designed a two piece moulding which clips together to form a secure, tamper-proof fixing. A model was made for evaluation before production tooling was started. To date, over six million components have been supplied in a variety of attractive colours. These colours are, of course, based on cadmium free additives, to provide a totally non-toxic product. This product has been so successful that further tooling has now been made to increase production.
Two piece moulding for a toy

Case 2.

Plastic moulded torch
Problem: A unique torch was required to be waterproof, shockproof and withstand temperatures of -40C. In addition, there was a requirement to provide a light output in white, red and green via an external switch.

Solution: Destra designed and built working samples from prototype tooling and these were evaluated by the customer. Production tooling was then laid down and orders completed. Variations on the original design are now being investigated to extend the range.
Advice on suitable polymers and all aspects of thermoplastic engineering is always available. Destra's buying policy is only to use raw materials from carefully selected suppliers. This ensures our commitment to quality can be achieved without compromise. For more information call us on 01233 638996
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