Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My existing supplier of injection mouldings has become too expensive or can no longer supply me. Can you use my existing tooling to supply my components.
A: Yes. We have adapted many ‘inherited’ tools over the years. There is not usually any charge made for the adaptation.

Q: I may need some assistance with my design. Would this be charged for?
A: Generally advice is free. We would prefer to assist in the early stages of design to ensure that your product comes to fruition as smoothly as possible.

Q: How do I specify the best mould tool configuration for my mouldings?
A: You tell us how many mouldings you estimate that you will need per month/annum and we will advise you on the most economical layout/materials for your tooling.

Q: How do I get competitive quotations for tooling?
A: We do this for you. We use several established toolmakers from which we are able to obtain the best prices to suit your requirements.

Q: Can you advise me on the most suitable materials for my components?
A: We process a wide variety of materials ranging from the lower priced commodity polymers such as polyolefins through to engineering polymers including polyamides, acetal, polycarbonate and glass reinforced resins.

Q: I want a particular colour for my mouldings. Can you colour match to a sample?
A: We have a large selection of standard colours to choose from. If your required colour is not available we can arrange to have a colour created to suit your requirements.

Q: What sort of finish can I have on my mouldings?
A: ‘As moulded’ finishes are generally – Textured, Matt or Polished.

Q: Can I have my Logo or other text printed on my mouldings?
A: Yes we are able to pad print your product if required.

Q: Can I have metal inserts fitted into my components?
A: Yes. We frequently supply mouldings with inserts fitted.

Q: Can I have a model made before ordering tooling?
A: Yes. Models can be made from CAD files using stereolithography.


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